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Startup Coffee at Sugar Café

Have a business?

Working on a startup?

Want to meet people passionate about business?

If your passion lies in business and meeting people that will motivate you to achieve your goals or just have a discussion about your business idea then come to Sugar Café for coffee on Monday, Jan2nd 2012 at 10:00 AM.



Startup Coffee at Sugar Café



This will be a free flowing meetup, meaning that you can get coffee from the bar and then meet the people around to talk about your business.

They have a fire place around which we will be gathered.  

You are bound to meet some interesting people! 



Monday, 2nd ,January, 2012

(10:00 AM – 12:00 PM)



Sugar Café

679 Sutter Street 

(Between Mason and Taylor)

San Francisco, Ca - 94102


Your business idea does not need to be a technology idea for you to come. 

All types of businesses welcome!

This is a great exercise to get your creative juices flowing and get your startup fix so that you are able to keep your flow.

Happy New Year! ☺

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